“…..always thought of himself first as a reporter.”
— Toronto Star
editorial, March 4.

“ Jim reminded us all, in every column he wrote, what principled, high-minded journalism is intended to do: by challenging conventional wisdom, he enabled all of us to better understand our world. He was a courageous journalist whose voice shall be sorely missed.”
— Tony Burman, head of strategy for the Americas, AlJazeera

“He started his career as a foreign correspondent and remained a passionate observer of Canada’s role in the world throughout a career that spanned four decades.”
— Angus Reid, CEO Vision Critical

“Jim was a superb journalist. His love of the craft, his dedication to quality journalism and his powerful and intelligent Ottawa column were all testament to the essence of Jim Travers.”
— John Honderich, chairman of Torstar

“He was ‘handing over’ to me [in Cyprus]. I’m not sure which scared me most, his hair-raising tales or his insistence on telling them while he was taking hairpin turns in the Troodos Mountains at 60 kph.”
— Aileen McCabe, former Southam News foreign correspondent

“He was without doubt made for journalism. He was hilarious, mischievous, witty, curious, courageous and constantly bemused by humanity’s folly.”
— Jim Coyle, Toronto Star feature writer

“He had a deep love of our country and a profound respect for the importance of our democratic institutions and traditions.”
— Bob Rae, Liberal MP

“… a passionate and serious journalist who approached life with a sense of fun.”
— Ottawa Citizen
editorial, March 4

“The country suffered a huge loss when Jim Travers passed away, far too soon. He kept politicians honest — he certainly pointed out, in his extraordinary way, when they weren’t.  He never let us get away with anything, regardless of party or stripe.  He wanted politicians to be better and to do better.  He did what he did because he wanted to make the country better.”
— Martha Hall Findlay, Liberal MP