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Michael Qaqish brings young blood to city council

By on Dec 2, 2014

​ Michael Qaqish celebrated his 29th birthday by signing his declaration of office as new councillor of Gloucester-South Nepean. Dressed in official robes that made them look like a choir, Mayor Jim Watson and council sang Happy Birthday to Qaqish as they posed for their first official photo.Qaqish is the youngest of the 23 Ottawa city councillors who were sworn in Monday night at Centrepointe Theatre. During his 10-month campaign, Qaqish encouraged young people to volunteer. Tuesday, Qaqish will begin work at City Hall and hopes, over the next four years, to set an example that will attract more young people to politics. Qaqish, whose interest in politics started on campus at Carleton University, is already encouraging young people to participate in politics. He said most of his campaign volunteers were university political science students. “It was good to...

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Slow progress for women on corporate boards in Canada

By on Nov 25, 2014

If the federal government wants to crack the glass ceiling in corporate boardrooms, it has a long way to go. In a report last week, the Canadian Board Diversity Council said just 17 per cent of board members are women. The federal government has a goal of 30 per cent. Dr. Kellie Leitch, Minister of Labour and Minister responsible for the Status of Women, released the plan Good for Business last June that hopes to have this 30 per cent by 2019. There is no time like the present: according to the report, women earn the majority of Canadian university degrees and in 2011, 34.5 per cent of all Masters of Business Administration (MBAs) graduates were women. Female enrollment in undergraduate business and commerce programs averaged 42.8 per cent in fall 2012. Female Enrolment in Business & Commerce Programs:...

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