From a young age Andrew knew that he wanted to write. He initially dabbled in prose, and upon
attending Wilfrid Laurier University for a Double Major in English and Film, he realized that his
passion lay in written accounts of live events, interviews, and broadcasting. Over the next four
years, Andrew improved his craft by writing for the Life and Arts section of The Cord, which saw
him conduct interviews with notable musical acts. He also travelled to Sweden on exchange
to study Swedish film and the documentary format. Andrew has lent his time during the summer
to TSN Radio 1050, where he was a radio broadcast intern.

Follow Andrew on Twitter: @AndrewJSavory


Ruth Tecle


Ruth Tecle is a writer and producer from Toronto. After receiving a degree in Urban and Regional
Planning from Ryerson University, she worked at the Toronto Catholic District School Board as a
program coordinator for the city’s designated “priority neighbourhoods.” These experiences, as
well as a brief stint as a local politician in the 2010 Toronto municipal election, furthered the
desire to shed light on marginalized communities through storytelling. Between 2013-2015, she
covered four sessions of Ontario’s provincial legislature for TVOntario including the 2014
provincial election. She’s contributed to US based magazine, The Fader, on her experience as a
Canadian refugee in the early 90s.

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Marina Wang 


Marina’s early love of nature and wildlife led her to complete a Bachelor of Science degree
in zoology at the University of British Columbia-Okanagan. After university she worked at
La Hesperia Biological Station in the cloud forests of Ecuador and travelled throughout
much of South America. During her eight months of geographical and personal exploration,
Marina began a travel blog, which piqued an interest in writing. She realizes the many
communication gaps that exist between science and the media and hopes to bridge this schism.
Current topics of interest are scientific discoveries and innovations, environmental philosophy
and sustainability, and the search for a quantum theory of gravity.

Follow Marina on Twitter: @marinacoladas