About Us

Midweek is a production of the Carleton University School of Journalism and Communication in Ottawa, Canada.

The Midweek team’s members are journalism students in the senior years of our School’s bachelor and master of journalism programs.

Most groups total about 22, and their members come from across the country and often from abroad as well. Midweek teams do nine on-air shows each, in either the Fall or Winter terms of the academic year.

Midweek’s studios are located at The School of Journalism and Communication in Richcraft Hall on Carleton’s campus, and our shows are transmitted by CKCU 93.1 FM, the campus and community radio station based at Carleton, as well as on the Internet.

You can listen to us live online most Wednesdays during the university’s Fall and Winter academic terms: We’re on CKCU-FM after the BBC News at noon right here. The shows and podcasts posted on this site have had all their music taken out because of copyright issues, so to get the full “Midweek” experience, tune in to CKCU!

Click on the pic to join the Midweek newsroom action!

Carleton University’s journalism school is the oldest one in Canada. It was initiated in 1946 and continues to graduate top students with a thorough education in journalism and public affairs.

Many Midweek alums show up every day on your radio, TV or other screens  — famous folks who got their starts right here on Midweek at Carleton and others you may not have heard of who are still out there serving their communities in a wide range of ways.

The instructor and executive producer for Midweek is Dave Tait. The technical producer is David Sarazin. Roger Martin is our web designer and the School’s IT coordinator.

You can contact us at: midweek@carleton.ca