The History of Wearable Tech

A brief timeline of wearable devices

Wearable technology is a not a relatively new phenomenon. While its uses and high profile placement on the consumer market is new, wearable devices have been around since the 1960s.

The following timeline is adapted from information from the 2014 MaRs Market Insights Wearable Tech: Leveraging Canadian Innovation to Improve Health report.


A pocket computer is developed by Ed Thrope and Claude Shannon. It’s the size of a cigarette pack and designed to predict roulette wheels.
The HP O1 calculator watch is release by HPHP Watch
WearComp1 is built, a backpack that is able to display data on a head mounted display and wireless communicationsBackpack Data

Wireless wearable webcam is developed by Steve MannWearable Wireless Webcam


The iPhone is released by Apple – a pocket computeriPhone



Many wearables are released to the consumer market including Fitbits




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