Carleton University launches “Day for Good” fundraiser

Carleton University launched an inaugural Giving Tuesday campaign of its own in support of the charity day announcement made by Mayor Jim Watson this morning.

The goal of Carleton’s annual event, titled “Day for Good,” is to showcase how higher education is a vehicle for what students, faculty, and researchers can accomplish when given the funding to pursue their ambitions.

Donations are accepted through Carleton’s portal.

The event was held at Alumni Hall in the university’s Athletics Building from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Jake Connor was at the event as a representative of the Carleton Planetary Robotics Team (CPRT). The team is comprised of over 30 students from the university, and “builds Mars rovers for competitions in Utah, Poland and the UK.”

Like many other clubs, initiatives, and academic pursuits on display at Carleton’s “Day for Good,” the primary goal of CPRT is to attract financial support for initiatives allowing students to pursue collaborative and educational opportunities at home and abroad.

“We were able to network with industry professionals who do work in space, as well as building rovers and satellites,” Connor said. “It’s an extremely valuable event.”

The goal for donations in 2015 was to raise over $100,000, which was exceeded thanks to 550 donators who helped Carleton raise $122,077.

This year the target is to draw $150,000 from supporters.

Author: Andrew Savory

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