We’re back with another edition of Midweek, which means three more podcasts for you! This week, Midweek’s reporters looked into pandemic puppies, new twists on Halloween celebrations, the journey of one woman who left her childhood home on her sixteenth birthday, and so much more.

Podcast 1:  On this week’s first podcast, hosts Meral Jamal and Hamza Ali take us through stories about resilience and adaptation in a time of change.

Thanksgiving means getting together and sharing a big turkey, ham, and sometimes even duck. This year, eight households who used to share a Thanksgiving meal across the table shared it through their screens. Midweek’s Hamza Ali spoke to a young woman about how their virtual celebration went — and all the care, work and love that went into it.

Jenna Justinich, the owner of wellness blog Wholesome Mama, holding her baby Noa. Credit: Jenna Justinich

Also trying to keep safe during the pandemic is a kindergarten teacher at Hopewell Avenue Public School in Ottawa. Midweek’s Paige Kahkonen spoke to Valda Goudie about what a day for kindergarteners looks like these days.

We will also hear about how recent graduates are dealing with recurring business closures and decreasing job opportunities. Midweek’s Meral Jamal brings us that story.

Finally, Midweek’s Natalie McGraths tells us the story of a new mom who turned to blogging for support on her journey of raising a baby during the time of COVID.

This week’s podcast was produced by Hannah Rivkin and Graham Swaney.


Podcast 2:  New beginnings and change can be difficult, but sometimes a furry baby can make it easier. Adopting dogs has increased during the pandemic, and Midweek’s host Kate Schellenberg looked into whether puppies and the pandemic are a good fit.

Midweek reporter Rima Moussalli, and a pre-pandemic pup

In this podcast, we also hear from a local tattoo artist who says the pandemic has given him the time to focus on opening a new tattoo parlor on Bank Street. Midweek’s Rima Moussalli spoke to the co-owner about his worries and hopes for the new business.

While some are seeking companions or opening shops, others are returning to their usual workplaces after months of staying home. Midweek’s host Kevin O’Rourke McColl sat down with his sister, who has gone back to working with seniors three days a week—not without adjustments, of course.

Finally, we hear from Midweek’s Taylor Clark about a woman’s journey of leaving home because of abuse the day she turned 16 — and about her visit back to that home decades later.

This week’s podcast was produced by Emily Koch and Camryn Patterson.


Podcast 3 co-host Kayla Holmes in her Holmes studio…(cue groaning now)

Podcast 3:  On this week’s third podcast, producers Ethan Diamandas and Kieran Heffernan put together stories about Halloween in scary times, an online art gallery, and more.

It’s no secret that the number of COVID-19 cases in the U.S. is significantly more than in Canada. Midweek’s Kindra Squire spoke to a second-year university student in South Carolina about what life has been like for her during the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Midweek’s Ingrid Mutoni spoke to a Canadian international student at Arizona State University about celebrating Thanksgiving away from home as borders remain closed.

Co-host Warren Reid, whose desk is apparently accessible only by crossing a perilously wobbly rope bridge.

A local campground is also adjusting its approach to holidays and celebrations by tweaking their Halloween events. Midweek’s Matthew Newell spoke to the co-owners about how they’re adapting.

Virtual art is nothing new, but an online gallery is trying to change how young people connect with art. Midweek’s Kayla Holmes spoke to the director of Sweetpea Gallery.

But plays over Zoom?

Not so farfetched in the age of COVID. Midweek’s Warren Reid spoke to Ryan Pepper, an Ottawa playwright and creator of “Can. Lit. Can Suck It,” about his virtual debut.

This podcast was hosted by Warren Reid and Kayla Holmes.