Well…here we are!

Our fall season of nine Midweek shows (plus a Reading Week best-of compilation show) comes to an end. This incredible group will be replaced in early 2024 by an entirely new team of reporters who will carry us through to spring.

Our hosts Jenna Legge and Emma Zhao were also keen and prepped in the broadcasting booth.

Emma Zhao and Jenna Legge wrapped up our fall season of Midweek.

Our Midweek staff arrived on time, as usual, at 8:30 a.m.

The production team reconvened the night before to finalise their roles and duties to ensure our show ran as smoothly as possible…which, of course, it did!

There was impeccable teamwork and chemistry inside the newsroom as the show’s reporters and production team remained mutually supportive and engaged with one another.

By 9:30 a.m. our lineup was completed and posted on the chalkboard.

There were no technical concerns to report either.

Our hosts had their scripts in hand 12:05 p.m. This included the whole first and second half of the show’s scripts and music! It was yet again professional and superb work!

The live show included the extended temporary truce between Israel and Hamas, as well as the city of Ottawa’s decision to convert the Heron Road Community Centre into an emergency shelter.

The next items in the lineup included highlights from the AIDS Committee of Ottawa having an HIV health forum as part of AIDS awareness week, in addition to the Haunted Walk of Ottawa closing its haunted jail tour at the end of this year.

There were also stories about 12 Canadian opera singers who showcased their talent at Rideau Park United Church and our Midweek producers shared what they were listening to this year in celebration of Spotify’s year-end Wrapped campaign.

Jonah Grignon really wants to know your top artist of 2023.

And, that’s it!

Cheers to our fall season Midweek Team

As a news crew, we have learned a lot this season, and we hope that by tuning into our shows, you have also picked up some new knowledge along the way.

We’ll be back on CKCU-FM at the start of February 2024!

Until next time!