Well…here we are again: We’re unable to broadcast our regular Midweek show on CKCU-FM as the contract dispute between Carleton University and its support workers continues, but we do have two more of our great Midweek Podcasts — with our latest batch of stories!

The first one is hosted by Kaitlin Fisher and Mona Mahmoud, and was produced by Emma Davis. Rachel Levy-McLaughlin assembled all its elements into a single terrific show.

The second podcast has Christine Vezarov and Heather Keary as hosts. Shauna McGinn produced the show and Emily Fearon mixed it all together. And of course, the full Midweek team contributed to the reporting, music selection and production of both.

Collectively, we have the fingers on two dozen pairs of hands (plus assorted toes) all crossed in hopes we’ll be back on the air next week — for our final show of the season. Please…please…please…

But for now: Two terrific podcasts!