The idea for this project spawned during the three months I spent volunteering with the Tanzania Tourist Board on behalf of the World University Service Canada in the summer of 2017. As TTB’s videographer, I embarked on a cross-country journey by planes, boats and automobiles.

During my first week in Arusha, Tanzania I was sitting inside AfriCafe when I noticed a group of tourists taking pictures with a Tanzanian man. The man was wearing a blue plaid shirt with Vancouver embroidered on the back. Later that week, while at dinner, I noticed my waiter was wearing a polo shirt that used to belong to an employee of Staples. What struck me was that local people were wearing clothes with names of places they’d likely never been to, companies they’d never worked for and sports teams they had never heard of. My curiosity was sparked. Thus began my affair with the global second-hand clothing trade that has spanned two continents, eight months and tested both my patience and bank account.

I owe a great deal of gratitude to the following people for their incredible support on this journey including:

My supervisor Paul Adams

Roger Martin for his website wizardry. 

Susan and Bill McPhaden

Elaine and John Bukalo

Kim and Bill Davis

Philip Tomlinson for your endless love and empathy.

Josephine Abate for your time and expertise in the field of environment and sustainability. Not to mention the fine wine and cheese.

Elise von Scheel for being my sounding board and critic.

Brieanna Charlebois for the moral support. For without it, I may have lost my sanity.

Special mention to Kristel Lee and Alex Poon; Breanne Littley and JP Niyitanga.

The wonderful people at WUSC Tanzania including Rama, Manu, Reenas, Hannah and Huda for the unforgettable memories.

And lastly, a tremendous thank you to those who gave me the most precious gift of all, their time. For without them, this story would not have been told.