Ogdensburg Catholics voice opinions about the presidential election

By: Jordan Steinhauer and Matthew Olson
Nov. 8, 2016

On the 21st of October, Reverend Terry LaValley of the Diocese of Ogdensburg publically released a letter voicing his concerns about the presidential election.

In his letter he says that “our society is suffering from a crisis of faith,” adding that he is “embarrassed, disgusted and extremely concerned” about the abilities of the candidates.

But do Reverend LaValley’s words truly echo the opinion of the Catholic community in Ogdensburg?

Chancellor James Crowley only began his role with the Catholic Diocese this past summer, but he agrees with LaValley’s sentiments.

Reverend Douglas Lucia, who has been a member of the local church for over 20 years, says that many of his constituents don’t know how to react to actions of the candidates.

Deacon Patrick Donahue, another member of the Diocese, is uneasy about the morality of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Adding that he is unsure is either potential leader is trustworthy.

Although it is clear that the Catholic community is not happy with the two primary candidates, are they swaying one way or another?

Well, Chancellor Crowley says that there is no clear favourite.

While all three men refused to state who they would be voting for, they are all in agreement that their faith in God will lead the country in the right direction.