Politically engaged high school senior votes for the first time

By: Rachel Levy-McLaughlin and Shalu Mehta
Nov. 8, 2016

OGDENSBURG, NY – High school senior, Dedan Graveline, voted for the first time today.


Photo taken by Shalu Mehta

Dedan voted at the Dobinsky Centre in Ogdensburg today with his parents. Amy and Brett Graveline are not normally involved in the news or elections, but Dedan’s engagement this year has rubbed off on them.


Photo taken by Shalu Mehta

On the way to the polling station, Dedan explained why he supports Independent candidate Gary Johnson. That is who he cast his ballot for today.

Dedan described the polling station as open and pleasant, though the election, he said, is not.


Photo taken by Shalu Mehta

Although Dedan predicts a Trump victory, he felt good about his first cast ballot.


Photo taken by Shalu Mehta.