CTRL+ALT+DEL: Rebooting ECT in Canada

A behind-the-scenes look at the push for national Electroconvulsive Therapy standards

ECT 101

Dr. Lisa McMurray, ECT lead at The Royal, discusses how Electroconvulsive Therapy works and walks us through the various aspects of the procedure.

Tommy Jaworski

Zeno Jaworski shares the story of her son Tommy and his battle with catatonia.

Jim Howell

Jim Howell and his wife Marie discuss his battle with depression and how ECT restored his quality of life.

A new benchmark for ECT in Canada

A group of psychiatrists in Canada embark on a journey to create a set of national standards for ECT.

Learning by doing

Dr. Kiran Rabheru, ECT lead at The Ottawa Hospital, trains psychiatrists to perform ECT on mannequins in a simulation lab.

Improving the patient experience

Dr. Nicholas Delva, head of psychiatry at Dalhousie University, explains what a state-of-the-art ECT facility should look like to best serve patients, based on soon to be released standards.