The Midweek team’s experience this past pandemic year is a featured part of a story in the latest edition of… ( … well … what shall we call it…?) …of The [     ] Review of Journalism!

The Review is the ongoing in-depth look at all topics journalistic produced by students at Ryerson University’s School of Journalism, and in this spring’s edition, managing editor Leen Blaibleh has an article looking at how three publications produced by journalism students at three other universities adapted to life in the time of COVID.

Leen’s story opens with a look at Midweek here at Carleton University in Ottawa, and then visits publications at Concordia University in Montreal and the University of King’s College in Halifax.

And while you’re at their site reading about, well, us here at Midweek, please do rove around and read more of the Review’s excellent content. That includes this thoughtful explanation of why this year the publication isn’t using its usual name.

Much to ponder.