Testimonial: Lorena Beltrán

Lorena Beltrán had large breasts that caused back pain, and she wanted them smaller for aesthetic reasons as well. She underwent a breast reduction surgery in 2014 at the age of 20.

After the surgery, Beltrán’s wounds wouldn’t heal. “As a patient I knew each procedure comes with risks, but one of my nipples turned black and my sutures opened,” she said.

Beltrán had to stuff the inside lining of her bra with gauze to absorb the oozing blood and pus. Her skin also reacted to the anesthesia she was given, becoming oily and irritated. Her doctor told her she was healing normally and prescribed her Isotretinoin, a drug commonly used to treat acne.

The medication didn’t work, and Beltrán was left with a large, open wound across her breast. She went back to the same doctor for reconstructive surgery, but she said her condition became even worse. Beltrán consulted a different plastic surgeon, who told her Isotretinoin tends to prevent proper healing.

Her reconstructive surgeon also told her that she had been given breast implants, even though she had requested a reduction. After having her implants removed, Beltrán was left with jagged scars surrounding her nipples and running down the centre of her breasts. She lost sensitivity in most areas of her chest and will likely be unable to breastfeed.

In 2016 Beltrán had reconstructive surgery that she said went very well, but she is still left with emotional scars. “I became depressed. I used to be a very spontaneous person. I spent all day at home and locked myself in because I had deformed breasts,” she said. “No one can imagine what it’s like to wake up in the morning and put makeup on your breasts before your face.”