Another World

Posted By Kanina Holmes on Apr 5, 2017 | 0 comments

They say death is a part of life, but what they don’t say is how it turns your world upside down. After the death of a long-term partner, seniors often have to adapt to using community supports such as the Mills Community Support in Almonte, Ont. Alex Lawson is just one of these seniors, and Brooke Peloquin, Emily Haws and Taylor Blewett bring us his story in Another World.



This documentary was produced by Brooke Peloquin, Taylor Blewett and Emily Haws.

The music is courtesy of Ben Sound.

The 2011 study is sourced from “Seniors: Loneliness and Social Isolation” a March 2016 report by Community Development Halton:

de Jong Gierveld, J., Tineke Fokkema, and Theo Van Tilburg. “Alleviating Loneliness among Older Adults:         Possibilities and Constraints of Interventions.” Safeguarding the Convoy: A Call to Action from the Campaign to End Loneliness, 2011, 40-45.

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