Winter 2017 Bios

Group 1: The Wizards

They call themselves ‘The Wizards’ because wizards are beautiful creatures who do amazing things.

Jean Pierre Niyitanga was born in Rwanda and is finishing the two-year Master of Journalism program at Carleton University. With a strong interest in new media technologies, Jean Pierre has developed a passion for visual storytelling and plans to become a documentary filmmaker. In the fall of 2016, he co-produced “Hail Mary,” a short documentary about an Ottawa man helping a refugee boy to overcome the temptation of drug dealers. Jean Pierre would use a 25th hour in the day to learn new technology skills particularly those used to better tell stories.

Halima Sogbesan is a Nigerian student in the Master of Journalism program at Carleton University. She spent the summer of 2016 working as a communications officer with Farm Radio International in Ghana. She has interned with the Kingston Whig-Standard and the Ottawa Sun and has also written for Nigeria’s Premium Times and The Nation newspapers. Halima hopes to spend her life telling stories that affect Nigeria’s poor and vulnerable groups. If she had a 25th hour in the day, she would use it to catch up on her leisure reading.

Megan McPhaden is a Master of Journalism student at Carleton University. For the past six years she has covered university sports at the provincial, national and international level. In July 2016 she was selected as one of 12 sports journalists from around the world for the FISU Young Reporters Programme to cover the 28th Universiade in Gwangju, Korea. Megan’s long term goal is to work as a foreign correspondent.

Dazed and Confused

They call themselves ‘Dazed and Confused’ because that’s how they felt on that day.

Christian Mittelstaedt is a fourth-year journalism student from Toronto, Ontario. In five years he hopes to be a speech writer for President Winfrey. If he had a 25th hour in his day he would be chasing that elusive 26th hour.

Olivia Carey is a fourth-year journalism student with a minor in business and French, she grew up in Ottawa and loves the city. If there was a 25th hour in the day, Olivia would use it to do more of what she loves: circus arts! In five years Olivia hopes to be a working journalist moonlighting as an aerialist.

 Nicole Horn is from Fort Frances, Ontario located in northern Ontario. She is in her fourth year at Carleton, working towards obtaining a combined degree in Journalism and Communications and Media Studies. In five years she hopes have some travelling under her belt and see herself working within the media relations field. If there was a 25th hour in the day Nicole says she would probly spend that hour at the gym, but more realistically she would probably spend it her time doing work. Nicole loves playing hockey abd soccer and she is excited to take part in the production of the 25th Hour.

The Croissants

They call themselves ‘The Croissants’ because they find the best stories are like croissants; they look tough on the outside, but when you open them up they’re soft and fluffy,

Talia Di Domenico is from Oakville, Ont. In five years she’d like to be working at a public relations firm, specifically geared towards fashion, and she hopes to travel in any spare time she can find. If she had a 25th hour in the day, she likes to think she would use it to do something productive, but she’d probably take advantage of having an extra hour of sleep.

Growing up in Hamilton, Ont., Peter Rukavina was always surrounded by sports. Playing them came naturally and as he entered high school, so did writing about them. He enrolled in Carleton’s journalism program with hopes of a future in the sports field. Whether he would be covering it as a beat or working from within a team organization, it’s a field he is striving to make his way into. As is explored during the Twenty-fifth Hour program, time is invaluable and we all have ways we wish to spend it. For Peter, an hour is a huge opportunity to better himself in different areas of his life, but, if he had to choose a single thing to do, he would spend a 25th hour being active at the gym.

Erica Giancola is a fourth year student soon to be graduating with a combined honours in Journalism and English from Carleton. She grew up in the small town of Bolton, ON, but hopes to continue living in Ottawa to pursue a career in political journalism. Erica can often be found behind the lens of a camera, in an edit suite or chasing Members of Parliament on the Hill for her latest feature. What would Erica do with a 25th hour in the day? You would likely be able to find her reading or taking photographs of the beautiful city of Ottawa.

Starlight Starbright

Because we’re the brightest students around. Also known as ‘Group 4,’ the group with more. 

Kristine Lee hails from Calgary, Alberta where she was born and raised and yes likes horses. She’s in her final year in Carleton’s journalism program with a minor in history.In five years, she hopes to be travelling the world with some paid documentary-making gig, or at least doing something with video journalism.With an extra hour in the day, she would probably learn meditation after her first documentary with this show inspired her.

David Deen is from the west-end of Toronto, Etobicoke to be exact. He came to Canada’s wintery capital city for a masters in journalism at Carleton University, the country’s Harvard of journalism. Dave is now in his second and last year and chomping at the bit to get going in the working world. In five years, Dave will be traveling the globe, sharing stories from far and wide. If he had an extra 25th hour he would make his food on a stove rather than in a microwave.

Originally from Thunder Bay, Emma Tranter moved to Ottawa for Carleton’s journalism program and instantly fell in love with the city. A northerner at heart, Emma enjoys camping, hiking, and spending as much time as possible outside. In five years, she would like to have travelled the world and hopefully own a french bulldog. If she had an extra hour in the day she would definitely take the opportunity to bank more precious sleep.

The Triplets

They call themselves ‘The Triplets’ because twins Amanda and Brittany decided to adopt a brother, Scott. 

From Aurora, Ont., just north of Toronto, Scott Wheeler is a fourth-year journalism student minoring in law. He writes or has written for Postmedia, The Athletic, SB Nation, the PGA TOUR, McKeen’s Hockey, Future Considerations, The Hockey News, and others. Sometimes, you can find him talking about hockey on the radio. He also manages the Maple Leafs blog, Pension Plan Puppets. In five years, he hopes to be covering sports full-time. If he had a 25th hour, he’d probably spend it in a hockey rink.

An Ottawa native, Amanda van Frankfoort was thrilled to accept an offer from Carleton University to attend journalism school four years ago, with minors in English Language and Literature and Communication and Media Studies. Amanda enjoys journalism because she loves meeting, talking to and learning about people and their stories. If she had a 25th hour in the day you might find Amanda spending it in a used bookstore with a tea in hand or on the field playing soccer or football. After her final semester of j-school wraps up Amanda aspires to work with her twin sister Brittany in sports broadcasting.

Brittany van Frankfoort is a fourth-year Journalism student with minors in Communication and Media Studies and English Language and Literature at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. When she is not telling stories and learning about people, she can be found watching or playing sports, reading or cooking—all things she would love to do more with a 25th hour in the day. In five years Brittany hopes to be travelling, learning about people around the world and working in sports broadcasting with her twin sister Amanda.

The Band

They call themselves ‘The Band’ because they aspire to rock the world of journalism.

Taylor Blewett hails from London, Ontario, but to her, Ottawa feels like home. She is a fourth year journalism student with a double major in global politics and in five years she would love to be working a job that combines both (here’s looking at you, parliamentary press gallery). She is also a relentless optimist. If she had a 25th hour in her day, she’d spend it listening to a podcast and/or taking a nap.

Brooke Peloquin grew up in a small town called Warkworth but when she came to Carleton and had her first experience living in the city, she never looked back. For the past four years she has been studying journalism and art history, with special interests in visual storytelling and all things European art. In five years she hopes to be travelling the world and working a cool job to pay for her flights. If she had a 25th hour in the day she’d use it to either catch up on sleep or homework…but ask her again in two months when she has finally finished j-school and she would have a very different answer. 

Emily Haws is a fourth year Journalism and Women’s Studies student at Carleton University. She hails from North Bay, Ont., and started her journalism career at The North Bay Nugget. In five years she hopes to be better at getting up early, have her own shelving unit for her tea collection and telling stories in an interesting place. If she had a 25th hour in the day, she would spend her time journaling her thoughts or knitting a new pair of socks.

Deadly Sins

Because we’re Group 7.

Marc-André Cossette was born and raised in Ottawa. He’s finishing up his Master of Journalism degree at Carleton University. In five years, he hopes to be telling important stories with the CBC, helping to foster and strengthen public debate. In the meantime, he would gladly use a 25th hour to read one of the dozen books on his reading list — or just sleep.

Brea Elford was born in Kipling, Saskatchewan but moved to a small town outside of Edmonton for elementary school. She is a second year Master of Journalism student and in five years she would like to be an employed writer or photographer… anywhere! If she had an extra hour in her day, she would spend it eating, without suffering the caloric consequences, of course.

Danaka Wheeler (photo to come) moved to Ottawa from the coastal city of Dunedin, New Zealand, five years ago. She is currently working towards her honours degree in journalism, with a minor in English literature, at Carleton University. In five years from now she hopes to be living near good friends and family – preferably back on the beach! If she had an extra hour everyday she would like to think she’d read more.

Lyndsay Armstrong (photo to come) is from the one and only Lakefield ON, best known for having a Tim Horton’s drive through that fits a tractor. She studies journalism with a minor in English. In five years she hopes to be telling stories as a reporter and travelling around Canada. If she had a 25th hour in the day, she would spend it as a dog walker to spend some extra time outside and hanging out with pups.

Editorial Team

Kanina Holmes grew up in Ottawa but have called many places home, including Sweden, England, Tanzania, Whitehorse and Winnipeg I’m the executive producer of the show. I’m a full-time faculty member at the School of Journalism and Communication since 2004.I’d like to be teaching, developing a photography business. working on some persona photography projects, taking my kids on overseas adventures. If I had a 25th hour in the day I would spend an hour unplugging and reading, taking a walk or maybe even get caught up on some sleep every once in while.

Dave Elliott was born in Carleton Place and but he now lives in Ottawa.  He loves to travel and had previously backpacked through Australia when he was 18.  He’s also been to Europe and South Africa and would love to visit anywhere off the beaten path and hang out with the locals. After years of traveling and working, he went back to school and graduated with a diploma in Television Broadcasting (he also did a one year stint in Political Science at CU).  He’s since worked in corporate and government video, live events and award shows, commercials, music videos and lifestyle TV shows.  His production background varies from producing and directing to audio, camera and editing.  He’s been at Carleton University for almost 12 years now working with students in the J-School. He also freelances from time to time and would love to work on documentary at some point in his life.He has an active 6 year old boy who makes me laugh, cry and lets him be a kid again.  If he had an extra hour in his life he’s definitely spending it with his family.

Alex Mazur grew up in Windsor, Ontario, but has called Ottawa home for the last 8 years. She is in the second year of the Master of Journalism program at Carleton. She would love to be writing in any capacity, but hopefully she can also be taking photos and filming beautiful things as well. If she had a 25th Hour in the day, she would probably call her mother more often and make fancy meals for herself.