The 25th Hour is a current affairs news show created by senior undergraduate students at Carleton University’s School of Journalism and Communication. The show is then brought to life by a team of students who produce, anchor, and edit together the final product.

Our mission at the 25th Hour is to tell stories that dig deeper than typical quick news hits.

The 25th Hour is about universal truths and themes found in extraordinary individuals and scenarios, with time, dedication, and heart poured into each story. At the 25th Hour we want to share the untold stories; We want to share underrepresented or marginalized voices and bring them front and centre.

We all live such busy lives it’s often difficult to stop, catch your breath and look at the world around you. There are so many people we encounter every day with an incredible story we’ve never heard. At the 25th Hour, we want everyones stories to be heard.

What would you do with a 25th Hour? We hope that after reading and investigating our website, you’d want to spend it with us, watching our program and maybe learn a little something you didn’t know before.

Photos taken by Kanina Holmes.