Winter – Episode 1

Posted By Kanina Holmes on Feb 9, 2017 | 0 comments

Welcome to our very first show! Over the last few weeks, we have scoured the region to profile people who are living truly unique lives.

Whether it’s a printmaker keeping his craft alive, a Buddhist monk spreading his message of peace, or a boutique owner giving back to people a world away, each story offers a different perspective from those who have brought meaning and passion to their work.

We’ve also caught a peak into the lives of a real-life Jedi-master, someone who harbours a love for doves, an artist who uses nature to build elaborate art projects and the man who holds the Senator’s trust…and teeth in his hands.

The video below is the complete show that our editorial team put together, including all of the profiles and a little rant from our friend Peter about how awesome the Rideau Canal really is.

Click here to see the individual pieces.

This show is courtesy of the following people’s hard work:

Editorial Co-ordination Team

Executive Producer: Kanina Holmes

Production Co-ordinator: Dave Elliott

Show Producers: Megan Mcphaden and Nicole Horn

Chief Writer: Marc-André Cossette

Show Editors and Packagers: Jean Pierre Niyitanga and Christian Mittelstaedt

On-Air Team

Anchors: Taylor Blewet, Halima Sogbesan and Lyndsay Armstrong

Field Production and Studio Team

Field Camera/Show opener: Peter Rukavina

Studio Audio: David Deen

Teleprompter: Marc-André Cossette

Commentator (Studio Director): Peter Rukavina

 Commentator producer (Studio Camera 1): Brooke Peloquin

 Commentator Camera (Studio Camera 2): Emily Haws

Web Team

Associate Digital Producer: Britanny van Frankfoort

Teaching Assistant: Alexandra Mazur