Expressions of Muslim Women

Posted By Kanina Holmes on Apr 5, 2017 | 0 comments

A local Ottawa performance group, Expressions of Muslim Women, offers a safe space for Muslim women to practice their passion for the arts. The women, who are from diverse backgrounds and experiences, support and encourage each other to use their performance to reclaim their voice. They also demonstrate that Islam and music can coexist. Audrey Saparno takes us from the group’s beginnings to her personal journey of discovery to accept music within her religion.


Producer/Editor/Camera: Halim Sogbesan

Producer/Editor/Camera: Jean-Pierre Niyitanga

Producer/Editor/Camera: Megan McPhaden

Special thanks to Audrey Saparno and the Expressions of Muslim Women.


Visit the Expressions of Muslim Women Facebook page for information about their next performance or auditions: ExpressionsofMuslimWomen