Winter – Episode 3 – Almonte

Posted By Kanina Holmes on Apr 6, 2017 | 0 comments

When we were planning the 25th Hour’s final episode of the year we knew the scenic town of Almonte would not disappoint. The historic buildings, display of shops and boutiques on Main Street and walkways lining the city’s Grand Falls proved to be the perfect backdrop.

Even more, the city certainly lived up to being one of the friendliest towns in the Ottawa Valley.

We interviewed longtime curator of the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum, Michael Rikley-Lancaster, toured around the Old Town Hall and were even lucky enough to make a new friend, Larry the Jack Russell Terrier.

Thank you to our entire 25th Hour team who worked tirelessly on putting together the documentaries that made our show the success it was. Additional thanks to our enthusiastic and dedicated production team whose sense of humour never failed throughout hours of shooting.

Finally, thank you to the people of Almonte who welcomed us with open arms.

Olivia Carey & Peter Rukavina

Executive Producers for the 25th Hour, Episode 3

Editorial Co-ordination Team

Executive Producer: Kanina Holmes

Production Co-ordinator: Dave Elliott

Show Producers: Olivia Carey, Peter Rukavina

Chief Writer: Danaka Wheeler

Show Editors and Packagers: Kristine Lee and Brooke Peloquin

 On-Air Team

Anchors: Brea Elford, Marc-André Cossette, Erica Giancola and David Deen


Field Production and Studio Team

Show Opener: Halima Sogbesan

Field Cameras: Amanda van Frankfoort and Brittany van Frankfoort

Studio Audio: David Deen

Teleprompter: Danaka Wheeler

Commentator (Studio Director): Megan McPhaden

Commentator Producer (Studio Camera 1): Nicole Horn

Commentator Camera (Studio Camera 2): David Deen

Web Team

Associate Digital Producer: Talia Di Domenico and Amanda van Frankfoort

Teaching Assistant: Alexandra Mazur