Fall – Episode 1 – Profiles

Posted By 25th Hour Staff on Oct 4, 2017 | 0 comments

Thank you for checking out our first show of the fall semester! We have all been working hard to showcase the stories of every day people, doing extraordinary things. This show features personal stories ranging from symbols of Canadian nationalism to symbols of self-expression.

Below is the complete show put together by the students of the 25th Hour.


Editorial Co-ordination Team

Executive Producer: Kanina Holmes

Production Co-ordinator: Dave Elliott

Show Producers: Lauren Sproule and Naomi Librach

Chief Writers: Amy Cook and Emily Fearon

Show Editors and Packagers: Sid Weiss and Rory Gilheany


On-Air Team

Anchors: Nick Laws, Kaitlin Fisher, Mugoli Samba, and Rachel Jaskula

Field Production and Studio Team

Studio Audio: Gillian Francis

Teleprompter: Amy Cook

Commentator (Studio Director): Emily Fearon

 Commentator producer (Studio Camera 1): Sandrine Murray

 Commentator Camera (Studio Camera 2): Aaron Hemens

Web Team

Social Media: Joshua Soucie

YouTube: Sarah Togman

25th Hour: Rachel Dale