Rough Paws, Soft Touch

Posted By 25th Hour Staff on Mar 14, 2018 | 0 comments

Everyone knows that life can be RUFF sometimes. For Seryna Egidio, it all started when a stranger showed up on her front step with a dog for sale. Bear the border collie mix was fat, dirty and terrified of everything. But mostly, he was in need of some love. After one YEAR of intense trust-building and rehabilitation, Bear is now well-adjusted and happy. Egidio saw how interacting with people affected her dog—and how he helped them too. Anxiety… depression… stress… even illness are known to be muted when therapy animals are . Since then, Bear and Seryna have registered as an Ontario Therapy Dog team.

Produced by: Rebecca Brady, Amber-Dawn Davison, and Michael Mackinnon
Many thanks to Seryna Egidio-Cox and Bear, and Shannon Noonan and Blue
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