Fall 2018 – Episode 1: Profiles

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Episode 1 of the 25th Hour, Fall 2018. 

In this edition of the 25th Hour, students speak with extraordinary people working to make Ottawa a more vibrant city.

Executive Producer: Scott Hannant

Technical Producer/Director: Dave Elliot

Co-producer #1/Editorial: Irene Galea

Co-producer #2/Technical: Lauren Hicks

Chief Writer/Teleprompter: Connor Oke

Show Editor #1: Crystal Oag

Show Editor #2: Shanice Pereira

Anchor/Writer #1: Julia Moran

Anchor/Writer #2: Maz Atta

Field Interviewer/Studio Cam #1: Lui Xia Lee

Field Producer/Studio Cam #2: Hannah Berge

Field Camera/Editor: Natalie Pressman

Show Opener/Studio Audio Producers: Allison Gram and Amanda Marsh

Show closer/bumper producers: Esther Karin Mngodo and Evelyn Myers

Web Producers: Ash Abraham and Jane Skrypnek

Social Media Producer: Lauren McIver

Associate Producer: Lisa Johnson


For the past 32 years John Felice Ceprano has spent hours building rock sculptures beside the Ottawa River. Every winter, they fall apart. Ceprano’s artwork represents this delicate balance between nature and humanity.


Living Through Art
Anne Wright creates abstract works of art using heated beeswax. Though she began painting in 2001, it took her years to actually identify herself as an artist. Now, her paintings are showcased in galleries across Ontario, and she runs workshops to help other artists develop their work. Her art is inspired by themes of ancestry, identity and poetry. But most of all, she believes art can be used as a tool to speak up for the voiceless.


The Survivor’s Boat
When Elizabeth Peprah was sexually assaulted in 2016, she struggled to find support to help in her recovery. Poetry became her outlet to heal from the trauma. Today, Elizabeth has taken her healing experience to create the Survivor’s Boat, a poetry support system for survivors of sexual assault.


One Step at a Time
Cameron Rose Jette describes themself as a young, disabled and transgender student who cares about making politics more accessible and diverse. They are active in the Carleton through multiple clubs and they are also a Carleton University Student Association (CUSA) councillor. They have embarked on this journey to share their perspectives in city politics. They have been supported by the people in their life, but running for city councillor is not without struggles.



The First Chapter
Scott MacKillop isn’t your average bookseller. He gives away over one-hundred books a week to children, and operates a bookstore from his home. The Barely Bruised Book Club is crammed with over 8,000 titles, and is a community hub for people in Sandy Hill.



Stitchin’ Through Stress
Kiera Kowalski turns a profit off of what started out as a form of stress management. This fourth-year journalism student taught herself how to embroider on YouTube last January. Since then she has focused on making her business cost effective and local. She tries to find a balance between school, working and her embroidery business.



Creatures on Ottawa’s Sidewalks
Five-year-old Libby Abella is decorating the streets of Centretown with creatures of all shapes and sizes. She’s known by her neighbours for her chalk drawings of magical lands, kind messages, and her favourite: Pokémon. Her community watches the streets for her next masterpiece. Her neighbour, Kiavash Najafi, says Libby is a leader in community-building on their street. Her art inspires and brings people together, whether they be a friend or a passerby.