Planting Seeds, Growing Futures

Posted By 25th Hour Crew on Oct 31, 2018 | 0 comments

Like most farms, Ottawa’s Youth Now Farms is preparing for the changing seasons by putting their soil beds to sleep and harvesting their final produce. While farm work can be strenuous, Youth Now’s employees are already missing their shovels and muddied boots. Executive Director Mark Arnold says the effects of working with animals and connecting to the land are transformative. That’s why Youth Now employs at risk youth looking to learn teamwork, gain experience, and pick up tangible skills that will serve them throughout their lives.

Producer: Amanda Marsh

Camera: Natalie Pressman

Editor: Julia Moran


Special thanks to Mark Arnold, Jenny Roebuck, and Herbert the Turkey.


Camera operator Natalie Pressman captures audio from a trusty farm employee.

At Youth Now Farms the animals work with youth to help teach skills like teamwork, discipline, and humility. Here the goats are ready for their close up.

Mark Arnold is the executive director of Youth Now Farms. He tells producer Amanda Marsh that he has seen many cohorts of youth come through their barn doors and there is nothing like watching them transform as they connect with the land and the animals.

Farm Manager Jenny Roebuck runs the program with the youth and the animals. She’s passionate about her work and it shows in the affection the animals and cohorts of youth show her in return.