Sens Under Fire

Posted By 25th Hour Crew on Oct 31, 2018 | 0 comments

Ottawa Senators super-fans like Elysia Desmier and Melanie McDonald live for their hockey team. But this season, something’s different. Desmier has cancelled her seasons tickets, and McDonald is refusing to go to any more games. Both are angry with team owner Eugene Melnyk. In the aftermath of threats to move the team, and trading away star players, they’re using their wallets as a form of protest.

Producer: Connor Oke

Camera: Evelyn Myers

Editor: Maz Atta


Special thanks to Elysia Desmier, Melanie McDonald, Steve LaPrade, Stephen Hickson, Canadian Tire Centre.

Music: “Sonos” by Lish Grooves via YouTube Audio Library.


Natalie McDonald, like many Ottawa Senators fans, is angry at owner Eugene Melnyk over his perceived lack of commitment to the team.

Cameraman Maz Atta films b-roll footage with Ottawa Senators super-fan Elysia Desmier.

Producer Connor Oke interviews Elysia Desmier as to why she decided to cancel her Senators seasons tickets.

Maz Atta and Connor Oke film Elysia Desmier watching the Senators play on television.