Fall 2018 – Episode 3: A Culinary Tour of Canada’s Capital

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A Culinary Tour of Canada’s Capital


Around the world, food brings people together as a family, a community, and a culture. Our team has spent the past month learning how people in Ottawa connect through food. We’ll meet a couple that wanders the woods for foraged food before they visit a grocery store, and a renowned chef who has been perfecting the visual art of plating for 25 years. Check out these stories and more in our latest episode.


Executive Producer: Scott Hannant

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Friends and Pho

Anh Nguyen owns Chez Anh, a small Vietnamese restaurant near Carleton University. He opened the restaurant last year, at only twenty-five. The community embraced him immediately, and he became good friends with many of his regulars. Yet, soon after opening, he was faced with closure because of a ventilation issue. Thankfully, the community rallied to save his business.


Yasmin: Syrian Food from the Heart

Ayda Noofoori, a refugee herself, saw the gap in employment for Syrian women and decided to do something about it. Enter Yasmin: Syrian Food from the Heart, the only Ottawan catering company by a Syrian woman for Syrian women.


For the Love of Pizza

The Twenty-Fifth Hour went to Louis Pizza in Vanier, and watched as head chef and owner, Mouzin made some of his creations. He has made pizza for over fifty years. He brings the art of pizza to the tabletops of customers by decorating special pizzas and writing welcome on each dish served. Mouzin says he does all of this to make customers smile and his love for making pizza.


Welcome to Paradise

Looking to escape Ottawa for a tropical getaway? Don’t look too far, just try a poké bowl! It all starts with Paradise Poké, located at the heart of downtown Ottawa. Bringing the taste of the Hawaiian tropics to Canada’s capital, this bowl of raw fish and colourful ingredients will transport you to your perfect island destination.



Chef Ric Lee has been perfecting the art of plating for twenty-five years. Now, he is teaching students his techniques at Algonquin College.


Plant Powered Community

Every other week, an Ottawa resident welcomes guests to an evening of cooking, socializing and community building. All the food is made fresh by the guests, from only plant-based ingredients. Jackie Bastianon started hosting the cooking nights three years ago. Since then, the evenings have adapted to fit her transition into a vegan diet. Guests learn about preparing healthy, meatless meals and new cooking skills, all in a relaxed, friendly family kitchen.


Back to their Roots 

Brittany Boychuk and Alister Augé live in Ottawa, but their happy place lies in nature. Foraging for food is one of their favourite activities to do in the wild. They gather their own ingredients, cook food over a campfire, then take pleasure in sharing their harvest with others. On the menu today: roasted cattail, pine needle tea, hickory nuts and dried berries.