For the Love of Pizza

Posted By 25th Hour Crew on Nov 28, 2018 | 0 comments

The 25th Hour went to Louis Pizza in Vanier, and watched as head chef and owner, Mounir, made some of his creations. Making pizza for over fifty years, he brings art to the tabletop by decorating special pizzas and writing a welcome message on each dish served. Mounir says he does all of this because he loves making pizza, and making customers smile.

Producer: Allison Gram

Camera: Crystal Oag

Editor: Lauren Hicks

Music: Acoustic Breeze from BenSound.

The owner of Louis Pizza works seven days a week. He loves to make special pizzas for customers by decorating them with flowers and in hearts; all to show how much he cares about his customers.

25th Hour reporters Crystal and Lauren on scene at Louis Pizza. They watch as owner, Mounir, makes pizza for the day.

The 25th Hour goes behind the scenes at Louis Pizza. Here, the owner, Mounir, creates one of his famous special pizzas.

The owner of Louis Pizza shows the 25th Hour photos displayed on the walls of his creations he has made for almost 50 years. He says he loves to make people happy by decorating special pizzas and never plans to retire.