Dala Dreams

Posted By 25th Hour Crew on Apr 2, 2019 | 0 comments

Elsie Clement began her collection of the traditional Swedish Dala horse in 1984. She was inspired  by one horse in antique shop and now stables over 300 Dala horses in her home.

Producer: Reina Cowan
Reporter: Rachel Emmanuel
Editor: Haneen Al-Hassoun

This horse was the was Elsie’s inspiration to begin collecting Dala horses. She found it in an antique shop in Sweden.

Elsie collects horses in all shapes and sizes, even brass ones (seen on the left) which she found at Ikea.

In Sweden, the shape of the horse identifies which community it was made in.

Rachel Emmanuel gets close and personal with Elsie as she admires her collection of Dala horses.