Curly Hair, Don’t Care

Posted By Haneen Al-Hassoun on Dec 3, 2019 | 0 comments

As the world becomes more diverse, so do hairstyles. Whereas in the past, Black women would often use relaxers on their hair to prevent the natural curls from showing. In today’s society, they have become more comfortable embracing their natural hair. And it’s thanks to places like Paula Whitelocke’s Curly Hair Designs and Paula Barker’s Silkie Locks Hair Design, two salons in Ottawa that encourage women to embrace their natural locks.

Reporter Juwairiya Kembo gets ready for her on-camera shot inside of Curly Hair Designs.
Shauna Pollock, a first-time client of Whitelocke’s, is patiently waiting for her hair to dry so it can be cut and styled.
Paula Whitelocke, the owner of Curly Hair Designs, answers questions about herself and her salon.