Old School Meets New School

Posted By Haneen Al-Hassoun on Dec 3, 2019 | 0 comments

University students often look for off-campus houses with their friends after their first few years of school. But what about those living with a senior citizen instead of a senior student? Old School Meets New School looks into alternative housing arrangments for students who struggle to find affordable housing in Ottawa.

An interested senior listens to Cat Kelly talk about the new housing initiative.
Dharshatharan Aronan, a second-year engineering student, is currently living with a
senior through Win-Win Homesharing, where he does chores for them and receives a lower rent cost per month.
John Gallardo conducts an interview about affordable housing and how it is connecting
students and seniors.
Members of Win-Win Homesharing sit at the Ottawa Little Theatre waiting for
intermission where they will speak to seniors about their company.