Election coverage has been anything but easy, local reporter says

By Shauna McGinn and Lauren Sproule
Nov. 8, 2016

CANTON, N.Y. – Caitlin Landers felt nervous as she waited outside a polling station today, camera equipment in hand. The local TV journalist, who works for Time Warner Cable News, said she feels the way most people do about this election: Uneasy, given the fact that it’s been so divisive.

But it’s the journalist’s job to move past nerves and get the story out, and Landers described some of the challenges involved in reporting on this turbulent election.

She said as a local reporter covering Ogdensburg, Potsdam, and Canton together, her focus is on important local races in which the results will directly affect the people she works with. Alongside this, she said she thinks it’s important that American journalists turn outward and remember the adage “the whole world is watching” – because tonight, those words have never rung so true.