Originally from France, Morgane was born in Singapore and grew up in Saudi Arabia, China and Malaysia. In 2016, she moved to Canada to pursue a Bachelor in Environment at McGill University in Montreal.

As part of her studies, she produced an environmental assessment report which is how she became interested in communicating science effectively. She also learned of the dangers of misinformation in the fields of environment and health. This led her to pursue a Masters of Journalism at Carleton University. 

While in Montreal, she ice skated for the first time, tried poutine and found ways to enjoy the harsh Canadian winter. 

In her free time, Morgane enjoys horseback riding, reading whodunits and going on walks with her dog. She loves travelling and if it hadn’t been for the pandemic, she probably would’ve done a lot more of it this year!

Spending all her time studying on Zoom during COVID-19 has been a challenge, but she’s relieved to have made it this far. She hopes to be studying in person in Ottawa some time next year.